A traditional Peg and Pole tent is supported by pegs which are hammered into the ground. The side poles and centre poles supports the tent stability. These tents are very easy to assemble and dismantle. We use durable canvas or PVC for the walls and roof of the tent. Our Peg and Pole tents can be customized to your specifications. Peg and pole tents are also known as traditional marquees. This tents are offered in multiple colours that you can choose from. These classic peg & pole tents are very popular and very affordable especially when you are starting your business.


A Stretch Tent is an innovative and modern take on a traditional marquee. Stretch tents are essentially manufactured by heavy duty pvc  coated and waterproof material that is stretched tight over an area, with free standing poles used internally to create the desired shape and space. They are completely waterproof, fire retardant, and, most importantly, stunning . We offer all accessories for stretch tents. These tents are fairly easy to erect. Stretch tents come in various colours you can choose from. Make your event extraordinary with these sleek stretch tents.


Our marquees are all manufactured in-house  in accordance with international standards, structural engineer requirements and top quality. Frame tents are suitable for weddings, parties, conferences, sporting events, and world events. Frame tents come complete with a full frame structure either galvanised or ungalvanised, we provide all accessories that are required when erecting frame tents. Frame tents are very steady and versatile. They can be erected on flat or uneven surfaces. We can customise each tent to customers specifications. Frame tents are the most common types of tent used in the industry.


TRAILER TOILETS – Toilets are fully designed and manufactured by Sunbow tents manufacture. Our units come with a male and female division that includes – mirrors ,  windows, lights, wash hand basin, towel railing, and ceramic toilet pans. Our units are fully equipped with all the necessities.

PLASTIC PORTABLE – Our plastic toilets are heavy duty toilets manufactured using high grade plastic materials. These toilets come with a long drop tank. We provide toilet chemicals. Only blue colour available.


Military tents are manufactured using the heavy duty canvas or optional pvc materials. Military tents uses the same classical design from peg and pole tents. These tents use side poles and king poles to keep the tent steady and ropes tied to ground pegs. These tents generally come in olive green and optional cargo nets are available to cover the tents . Windows are also available on request as well as ground sheets. We can manufacture various sizes to suit your request.


Alpine tents are elegant and very popular for large gathering. These tents consist of side poles, king poles and ground pegs that keeps this tent erected. Safety cables and belts are rigged on these tents making them pass safety engineers requirements. Alpine tents are commonly used for circuses, government gatherings, churches, and many more. These tents come in a vaiety of sizes to suit your event. Alpine tents are digitally designed tents that are very precise and are  extremely engineered.


Mobile  coldrooms are manufactured in house. We manufacture large coldrooms as a standard manufacturing size We can customise and manufacture all types of coldrooms in all sizes. We offer mobile coldroom fridges and  freezer motors. All our units are manufactured using the best motors and accessories available.

      • Different sizes available
      • Optional branding
      • License documents included
      • Meat hook and meat rail included
      • Inside lighting provided


 We Custom design PVC tarp covers manufactured to customers specifications, any colour any size

We manufacture –

      • Machine covers                                          
      • Boat covers
      • Tool bags
      • Flat tarps / sails
      • Awning covers
      • Bike covers


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